I finally found a great location for my home based business!


Starting a business is definitely not an easy job! You might have a great idea, but to turn it into a successful business is another story altogether. To better manage the situation, what I did was create a list of things that I would have to do, the steps I ought to take, along with the reminders of all things that could go wrong. And diligently I have been working all this while, managing to move from one step to the next, until finally it was time for me to go looking for an official space for my home based business!

This is not an easy job for sure, but I decided to tackle the problem head-on instead of sitting down and thinking of all dreadful ‘what-ifs’. What if I do not get the right space for my business to grow? What if I manage to find the best place that is just right for my work, but I cannot afford it? All these thoughts were my nemesis to begin with. But I always believe that one could overcome mountains of hurdles if they have adequate support from their family and friends. So instead of worrying, I just chose to act with their help.

First of all, I had to go to a realtor. This was the difficult part of the job. Whom do I trust? Whom can I afford? One of my neighbours has a sister who is into realtor business, so obviously I found a good opportunity there. I received good advice from her regarding the hot spots in town where my business would benefit from maximum exposure. I also decided to talk to all my friends, asking them what places they usually go to either for their daily work, or their weekend entertainment. Depending on the answers, I marked out a couple of zones on the map where, if I set up my shop, I would have access to a lot of customers. I showed my research work to my realtor, and finally started visiting those places looking for the office space that would be just right for me!

And finally I have found a space with prestigious office address! It is right in the centre of the town which stays busy at all times during the week, and that would translate into higher sales. This is actually a stepping stone for me towards success, because I know that I have made the best decision here. And I couldn’t be happier than this!

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