How I Chose My Brand New Elliptical Machine

I recently decided to improve my diet and to get fit. I sit at staring at my computer all day long, and very rarely get any exercise. I also used to eat a lot of junk food, especially while sat at my desk, But that has now all changed, thanks to a visit to my doctor. It was during a routine health check, that he advised that I alter my eating habits and take up some form of regular exercise. So I was forced into action, but to be honest, I haven’t looked back.

One of the forms of exercise that was suggested to me was that of using an elliptical machine, which if truth be told I had never heard of before. The reason he suggested this type of machine, was because it is low impact and works the entire body. I have trouble with both my knees and lower back, so it is important that any exercise I take is low impact. I didn’t want to go to the gym, and to be honest I don’t have the time, so I started to look online for the best rated elliptical machines. There were lots to choose from.

I started by searching on health and fitness websites, and then looking up customer reviews on Amazon. I managed to limit my search down to three models. The Sole Fitness elliptical machine was priced at $999 while the Schwinn elliptical machine was priced at $577. I also found an Horizon elliptical machine that was priced at $550. When I started to read customer reviews and feedback, I found that the general consensus was that the Schwinn elliptical machine was my best option for ease of use and sheer practicality. So that is what I bought.

I love my new Schwinn elliptical machine. It hardly takes up any room and I can work out while watching a movie. I would recommend though, that if you are wanting to buy an elliptical machine for home use, then do read up on what customers have to say in order to get the best that you possibly can for your money.

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