Going To Get Myself A Perodua Car

The Perodua Viva is an elegant city car manufactured since May 2010 by the well-known Malaysian automakers, the Perodua. Perodua Viva design was based on the seventh generation of Daihatsu Mira. Apart from the premium version which is equipped with two airbags and ABS, all the other models of the Perodua Viva use Daihatsu DVVT engines.

Perodua Viva was originally launched with 6 models such as the 660EX, 850EX manual, 1.0SX manual, 1.0SXi Premium manual, 1.0EZ standard automatic and the 1.0EZi premium automatic. In 2009, it was modernized with the viva 660BX manual, which replaced the Kancil model, Viva Elite manual, Viva Elite automatic as well as the Elite EZi.

The Perodua Viva has a class leading in the interior length of 1845mm with its competitors including its own Kelisa and Kancil models that have an exterior shorter than 1790mm. As for its interior width, it is 1300mm.

This means that it has a wider interior than its competitors Kelisa and Kancil which have 1220mm and 1185mm. It has a boot capacity of 149 liters when its rear seats are up, and 449 liters when the rear seat is down. Its four doors open at a 90 degrees angle, an improvement from its competitors.

The Perodua Viva is equiped with 3- cylinder engine choices, the 660cc, 850cc and 1000cc engines. These were familiar engines that were restructured with modern technology like the Dynamic Variable timing and EFI.

Perodua Viva price varies with the model and the area you are buying from. The Viva 660 BX manual ranges from 24,912 to 26,912 (Solid) and 25,312 to 27,087 (Metallic).

The Viva 660EX manual ranges from 28,512 to 30,287 (Solid) and 28,912 to 30,687 (Metallic). Viva 850 manual ranges from 32,732 to 34,507 (Solid) and 33132 to 34,907 (Metallic). Viva 1.0 automatic ranges from 36,762 to 38,537 (Solid) to 37,162 to 38,937 (Metallic).

As Merry Christmas and New Year is approaching, Perodua is holding a Perodua promotion for almost all the models. With this promotion you can enjoy big discounts on any model you buy. Visit a Perodua Viva distributor for more information.

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