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I finally found a great location for my home based business!


Starting a business is definitely not an easy job! You might have a great idea, but to turn it into a successful business is another story altogether. To better manage the situation, what I did was create a list of things that I would have to do, the steps I ought to take, along with the reminders of all things that could go wrong. And diligently I have been working all this while, managing to move from one step to the next, until finally it was time for me to go looking for an official space for my home based business!

This is not an easy job for sure, but I decided to tackle the problem head-on instead of sitting down and thinking of all dreadful ‘what-ifs’. What if I do not get the right space for my business to grow? What if I manage to find the best place that is just right for my work, but I cannot afford it? All these thoughts were my nemesis to begin with. But I always believe that one could overcome mountains of hurdles if they have adequate support from their family and friends. So instead of worrying, I just chose to act with their help.

First of all, I had to go to a realtor. This was the difficult part of the job. Whom do I trust? Whom can I afford? One of my neighbours has a sister who is into realtor business, so obviously I found a good opportunity there. I received good advice from her regarding the hot spots in town where my business would benefit from maximum exposure. I also decided to talk to all my friends, asking them what places they usually go to either for their daily work, or their weekend entertainment. Depending on the answers, I marked out a couple of zones on the map where, if I set up my shop, I would have access to a lot of customers. I showed my research work to my realtor, and finally started visiting those places looking for the office space that would be just right for me!

And finally I have found a space with prestigious office address! It is right in the centre of the town which stays busy at all times during the week, and that would translate into higher sales. This is actually a stepping stone for me towards success, because I know that I have made the best decision here. And I couldn’t be happier than this!

Going To Get Myself A Perodua Car

The Perodua Viva is an elegant city car manufactured since May 2010 by the well-known Malaysian automakers, the Perodua. Perodua Viva design was based on the seventh generation of Daihatsu Mira. Apart from the premium version which is equipped with two airbags and ABS, all the other models of the Perodua Viva use Daihatsu DVVT engines.

Perodua Viva was originally launched with 6 models such as the 660EX, 850EX manual, 1.0SX manual, 1.0SXi Premium manual, 1.0EZ standard automatic and the 1.0EZi premium automatic. In 2009, it was modernized with the viva 660BX manual, which replaced the Kancil model, Viva Elite manual, Viva Elite automatic as well as the Elite EZi.

The Perodua Viva has a class leading in the interior length of 1845mm with its competitors including its own Kelisa and Kancil models that have an exterior shorter than 1790mm. As for its interior width, it is 1300mm.

This means that it has a wider interior than its competitors Kelisa and Kancil which have 1220mm and 1185mm. It has a boot capacity of 149 liters when its rear seats are up, and 449 liters when the rear seat is down. Its four doors open at a 90 degrees angle, an improvement from its competitors.

The Perodua Viva is equiped with 3- cylinder engine choices, the 660cc, 850cc and 1000cc engines. These were familiar engines that were restructured with modern technology like the Dynamic Variable timing and EFI.

Perodua Viva price varies with the model and the area you are buying from. The Viva 660 BX manual ranges from 24,912 to 26,912 (Solid) and 25,312 to 27,087 (Metallic).

The Viva 660EX manual ranges from 28,512 to 30,287 (Solid) and 28,912 to 30,687 (Metallic). Viva 850 manual ranges from 32,732 to 34,507 (Solid) and 33132 to 34,907 (Metallic). Viva 1.0 automatic ranges from 36,762 to 38,537 (Solid) to 37,162 to 38,937 (Metallic).

As Merry Christmas and New Year is approaching, Perodua is holding a Perodua promotion for almost all the models. With this promotion you can enjoy big discounts on any model you buy. Visit a Perodua Viva distributor for more information.

How I Chose My Brand New Elliptical Machine

I recently decided to improve my diet and to get fit. I sit at staring at my computer all day long, and very rarely get any exercise. I also used to eat a lot of junk food, especially while sat at my desk, But that has now all changed, thanks to a visit to my doctor. It was during a routine health check, that he advised that I alter my eating habits and take up some form of regular exercise. So I was forced into action, but to be honest, I haven’t looked back.

One of the forms of exercise that was suggested to me was that of using an elliptical machine, which if truth be told I had never heard of before. The reason he suggested this type of machine, was because it is low impact and works the entire body. I have trouble with both my knees and lower back, so it is important that any exercise I take is low impact. I didn’t want to go to the gym, and to be honest I don’t have the time, so I started to look online for the best rated elliptical machines. There were lots to choose from.

I started by searching on health and fitness websites, and then looking up customer reviews on Amazon. I managed to limit my search down to three models. The Sole Fitness elliptical machine was priced at $999 while the Schwinn elliptical machine was priced at $577. I also found an Horizon elliptical machine that was priced at $550. When I started to read customer reviews and feedback, I found that the general consensus was that the Schwinn elliptical machine was my best option for ease of use and sheer practicality. So that is what I bought.

I love my new Schwinn elliptical machine. It hardly takes up any room and I can work out while watching a movie. I would recommend though, that if you are wanting to buy an elliptical machine for home use, then do read up on what customers have to say in order to get the best that you possibly can for your money.

Why I Will Always Love This Brand Of Sewing Machine

Having been selling sewing machines for close two decades, through out all these periods, I have come across different designs and models of sewing machines. I know some of the best sewing machines brands available that I can lay my hands on and those I shouldn’t spend my hard errand cash on. In fact, most of my friends know I am the best in what I do and they always come to me whenever anyone of them wants to buy a sewing machine. Although, I know over 10 of the best sewing machines, here are my reasons why I will always love Singer sewing machine. It is currently one of my favorite and I would do anything to get it.

To begin wit; I love the way this sewing machine model does its job; I find it to flawless, smooth, efficient and probably the best in every aspect. For me, it is like it was actually designed by a person who normally sews on daily basis. As if that is not even enough, the kind of metal frame, extra high sewing speed ad its powerful motor is unlike anything I have seen before. I saw a friend use this machine to sew and I was surprised she could sew through just anything she threw in. Moreover, some of the features of Singer sewing machine are highly convenient and they always strike me in a way.

Ultimately, the singer sewing machine has in a myriad of ways made me fall in love with. As a matter of fact, if today I decide to go into sewing, I would actually spend all my money on this model for it is practically one of the best. It is like the designers took some of the past trials and errors and capitalize on them. Whether you are looking for something for business or just personal needs, this is what I would actually tell you to go for.

The Right Air Mattress For My Room

There are numerous uses for air mattresses. However, it can turn out to be so challenging when you waste your money on the wrong one. Just like anything else in the market, there are good ones and there are also those that will not meet your desired requirements. Just as having a heel break on your footwear is an inconvenience, purchasing an air mattress that goes down in the middle of the night when your guests are sleeping is very embarrassing. When buying air mattresses, you should always look for the best air mattress reviews so you can get the best. Go to air mattress review site that can help you in making an informed decision.


Best air mattresses:
1. Wenzel Insta-bed raised air-mattress with build-in pump
This is a queen sized air mattress and it is one of the best in the market. It off the floor 22 inches makes it feel as if you are sleeping on a real bed. It has a built in electric pump that inflates the mattress quickly. It also has a grippy button that prevents it from sliding around.

Easy to inflate and deflate with the use of a pump
It holds the air well
It has a normal bed height for improved comfort
Since you can inflate and deflate it, it is very portable.

It’s heavy

2. Coleman single high quick bed air-mattress
It is the best mattress, especially for those who love camping. It comes in all sizes, from twin size to king size. It is very easy to deflate and inflate it and it takes up rolls for easy carrying. The mattress does not come with a pump but its low price tags make it ideal.

It holds air well when inflated
Easy to inflate and deflate
It is less expensive
Easy to transport and store

Does not come with a pump

If you are looking forward to buy an air mattress, looking online for their reviews is the best option. You should shop around for different reviews on different websites from different people. Search for those websites. However, you should be selective as you select since some reviews are put there to just attract you. Some may seem pretty accurate but you should know that they are always slanted towards the positive things to attract clients. With the above air mattress reviews you will get the best!